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MTH Farm’s lambs are raised naturally without hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or additives! We feed quality hay and grains and know each and every ewe and lamb personally and treat them with love, respect and kindness from birth to processing. >>Read More<<

We service Douglas and Elbert counties with our Agricultural Consulting Services which include Agricultural Zoning Issues, Use By Special Review Permits, Water Issues, New Purchase Evaluations, best type of animals for your land and more. >>Read More<<

We are proud to bring you of our Border Collies. Our Border COllies are pure breed, trainable to sheep herding or whatever you need them to do. They make great companions for home or farming needs.

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2016 Lamb is Now Available

call to reserve your cuts: 303.688.3266

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3rd Annual Cattle Seminar

February 20, 2016!


Topics include beef cattle market outlook, Johne's Disease, veterenary feed directives, and a beef taste panel!  Registration due by Feb 17, 2016

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